Hello and welcome to my website! I’m Daryl Whittaker, your dedicated astrologer and spiritual life coach. Today, I’m excited to share a glimpse of my journey with you, as well as the reasons why we’re a perfect fit on this transformative path together.


From the moment I took my first breath during the significant Stellium in Capricorn of 1991, I’ve been a curious and sensitive soul. Throughout my life, this sensitivity made me feel disconnected from those around me, struggling to express my true self fully. My quest for acceptance and empowerment became the driving force behind my experiences and endeavours.


Embracing spirituality since 2013, I’ve walked across red-hot coals with Tony Robbins, delved into several diverse spiritual practices, and even written a book on spiritual laws. I’ve had the privilege of speaking about mental health, personal development, and spirituality at universities, churches, and various groups, sharing my insights and experiences with others.


Through hosting over 50 moon meditations, completing countless consultations and creating a journal in the past three years, I’ve realised that my journey is about far more than just myself. It’s about guiding others like you on a profound journey of self-discovery and acceptance.


My journey started with a deep longing to connect, an urge to fill a void within. From zealous devotion to the church to seeking diverse spiritual truths, my path has transformed. Along the way, I learned that proper understanding and acceptance of oneself are the cornerstones of growth and personal development.


With the birth of my son, a new perspective crystallised: love isn’t about what we can give, but about embracing who we and others indeed are. This realisation ignited my own journey of self-improvement and personal development. Now, I’m here to help you on that same path.


Wherever you find yourself today is where you’re meant to be. Guided by spirit, consciousness, or whatever name resonates with you, love and acceptance pave the way for authentic growth. This journey has led me to the unshakable belief that we are all perfect by design, and it’s my mission to help you uncover this truth within yourself.


Living in the vibrant city of London throughout my life, I’ve developed a deep connection to its energy, diversity, and spirit. This city, much like my journey, is a blend of cultures, experiences, and opportunities. As you explore my website, know you’re in a space tailored to your growth and transformation.writt


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